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Debtor bank account information can be a powerful tool in judgment collection.  provides verified bank account information. We batch process your file of debtors through databases, generating leads. We then carefully verify that a transaction of $400 will clear the account. You only pay for information that you can use in your collection process.

Advantages of

  1. Experience. We utilize over 25 years of experience skip tracing to work your accounts.
  2. No risk. You pay only for verified bank information and you have no long term obligation.
  3. Quick turnaround. We report new bank information week
  4. Secure data handling. We handle your information with state of the art security.
  5. Verified Amount.   We confirm that a $400 transaction will clear the account.
  6. Files Worked Continuously. We continuously cycle your debtors through our databases. If a bank account is available, we will locate it.

Our minimum batch size is 100 accounts. There is no charge unless we find and verify a bank account. If we do not find banking information in the first month, than we continue to work the remaining accounts in subsequent months. Additional accounts can be added as they become available. In addition, you should delete accounts due to bankruptcy, settlement or death. You are free of course to stop our efforts at any time.

Bank Transactions: Bank Skip TracingIf you would like to make your judgment collection business more profitable call us.


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