Data Security

The security of your data is at the top of everything we do at All of our policies and procedures focus on keeping your information protected.   

Secure Web Portal and Data Sharing

We utilize a secure web portal provided by Citrix Sharefile to safely transfer your information from your computer to ours and to securely provide you with reports of new employment and bank information.  Details on this system can be viewed in the Sharefile Security FAQ at

Secure Data Storage

All of our information is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud servers utilizing Microsoft Azure virtual desktops. They have the highest levels of data security provided. Details can be viewed in the Azure Security Fundamentals at

Annual Security Audit + Compliance

With this powerful and secure data infrastructure, Gadellnet Consulting Services does an annual audit of our data security policies and procedures. Gadellnet is a leading provider of IT services in the region.  More information can be found at This audit is based on the National Institute of Technology (NIST) Cyber Security Framework. More data is found at In completion of this audit Gadellnet provides us with a certification that is in compliance with these standards. See at

Annual Internal and External Penetration Testing

And finally, we have RubinBrown complete an annual third party internal and external penetration test of our data systems to identify potential data security weaknesses. RubinBrown LLP is one of the nation’s leading accounting and professional consulting firms, see Once weaknesses are identified they are remediated and then retested. An Executive Summary of this report is provided and can be seen at