Hit Rates

Factors  that impact the number of new places of employment we find:

  1. Previous skip tracing efforts
  2. Geographic location of debtors
  3. Months placed with EmploymentSkipTracing.com
  4. Age of debtor
  5. Type of debt
  6. Original creditor underwriting criteria

Sample Hit Rates

  1. Collection Agency A   8.8%    
  2. Collection Agency B   4.7%    
  3. Collection Attorney A   19.1%  
  4. Collection Attorney B   21.1%    
  5. Collection Attorney C   5.6%    
  6. Subrogation Attorney A   4.3%


*Cumulative number of new places of employment divided by the number of accounts placed with
**Results after 90 days placement  with Employmentskiptracing.com.
These rates are presented for informational purposes. No representation is made or should be
expected for any placement with Employmentskiptracing.com